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Welcome to Madrid!


Are you visiting or have you recently moved to Madrid?


Do you want to continue your connection with the Jewish community and still have many questions or are unaware of the resources available in our community?

Let us welcome and guide you!

Call us at +34 915913131 and we will solve all your doubts.

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  • Come have dinner with us on Shabbat. Whether you are passing through or living in Madrid, share a lively Shabbat dinner with us, where around the table, you can meet new people, share experiences and start Shabbat accompanied as a "family".

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Jewish tourism in Madrid and surroundings

Visitor Center of the Jewish Community of Madrid

The permanent exhibition that is exhibited in the Visitor Center of the Jewish Community of Madrid invites the visitor to a journey through the contemporary history of the presence of Jewish life in Madrid, from its beginnings to the present day, through photographs, images, images and graphic elements and ritual objects.

To make a visit it is necessary to write to


Monument to the victims of the Holocaust

Monument to the victims of the holocaust

The monument was inaugurated in 2007 as a result of the agreement signed in 2005 between the City Council and the Jewish Community of Madrid. It is located in the Juan Carlos I Park in Madrid, next to the Garden of the Three Cultures (symbol of the coexistence in Spain of the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim civilizations). The monument is the work of the Jewish sculptor of Sephardic origin Samuel Nahón, with the collaboration of the architect Alberto Stisin.

The central motif of the set is a vertical projection of the Star of David found on a platform covered with railway sleepers, as a symbolic allusion to the "death trains" in which the victims were taken to the death camps. Nazis. The set is completed by the schematic figure of a father with his son in his arms, and a group of sleepers nailed to the ground in an upright position.

  • Address: Juan Carlos I Park, Av. De Logroño, 36

Jewish quarter of Toledo

Jewish quarter of Toledo

The city of Toledo is also called the city of the three cultures, referring to the prosperous period in which Christians, Arabs and Jews peacefully coexisted in the city. Toledo is located about 70 kms. from Madrid and is home to one of the best-preserved Jewish neighborhoods in Spain. It is an essential visit during your stay in Madrid.

segovia 2001 015.jpg

Jewish quarter of Segovia

Jewish quarter of Segovia

Built on a rock over 1000 meters high, the city of Segovia has been declared a World Heritage Site, thanks to its impressive artistic and monumental wealth. The city's Jewish Quarter is also an important example of this. 90 km from Madrid, Segovia is a city you will always want to return to.

Hotels close to the CJM

Hotel One Shot Luchana 22

  • Address: C. de Luchana, 22

  • Phone: 919 99 26 90

  • Web: access here

* Walking distance to the synagogue: 8 minutes

Hotel Juan de Austria

  • Address: Juan de Austria 5

  • Phone: 91 448 00 14

  • Web: access here

* Walking distance to the synagogue: 7 minutes

Hotel InterContinental

  • Address: Paseo De La Castellana 49

  • Phone: 900 973 122

  • Web: access here 

* Walking distance to the synagogue: 13 minutes

Hotel NH Collection Madrid Abascal

  • Address: Calle de José Abascal, 47

  • Phone:  914 41 00 15

  • Web: access here 

* Walking distance to the synagogue: 11 minutes

Five Star Hotel
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