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Religious matters

Religious offices

The Beth Yaacov Synagogue, located in the communal center (Calle Balmes, 3) offers its visitors the possibility of attending daily religious services.  

Kashrut Guide

You can have access to the kashrut guide updated.

  • Supervised by: Rabbi Moshe Bendahan, Chief Rabbi of Madrid.

  • Written and organized by: Rabbi Ilay Uziel.

To access the Kashrut Guide: click here

Kosher Certification

The Rabbinate of the Jewish Community of Madrid has a Kashrut industrial certification service for agri-food factories that wish to produce products suitable for Kosher consumption in accordance with Jewish food laws. The KOSHER MADRID seal is recognized by the Israeli and international Rabbinical Authorities, and has been contracted by more than 200 factories and wineries in Spain that are exporting their Kosher products all over the world, a successful commercial expansion in an international market for Kosher consumption. in full growth.

The certification of the KOSHER MADRID seal is applicable both for the final product and for the raw material for industrial production.

This service complies with all the guarantees of seriousness and professionalism through well-trained supervisors with the necessary religious knowledge and extensive experience in monitoring industrial procedures.

For more information or to obtain the certification click here


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