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The CJM Department of Culture develops a program of cultural activities aimed at both community members and the broad public that is interested in Jewish culture.

Organized by the Community or in collaboration with other organizations, the CJM convenes conferences, courses, talks, colloquium dinners, exhibitions, music or film cycles, book presentations and artist performances, among other activities, in addition to publishing in the digital magazine weekly, various articles, opinion columns and interviews.

Open Textbook in Library


The name chosen for the Library is that of Dr. Abraham S. Yahuda (BASY), in honor of the first Jew who dedicated himself in Spain to the scientific study of the Hebrew language and literature and who contributed to the knowledge and dissemination of Jewish culture in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Library has more than 6,000 titles in different areas of Judaica. Both the bibliographic funds and the audiovisual material that the Library has, are ordered and cataloged in a computerized way, using the Ibermarc format. BASY provides its services to the members of the CJM in accordance with a regulation that determines the conditions of access and services.

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