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"We educate every child to live their Jewish heritage with pride and to be a responsible, open-minded citizen of the world."

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Academic excellence

We have the experience to guide each student on their own path to success in a very high-level bilingual environment.

Tradition and identity

The values and principles of Judaism, the history of the people and the study of the Hebrew language are part of our essence.


We offer our students a motivating and enriching international environment in which they have the opportunity to establish genuine and lasting personal connections.


Positive and caring relationships based on trust and respect are at the heart of our institutional culture.


We promote autonomy and a critical spirit so that they are able to integrate into a plural society, developing their self-esteem and respect for others.

High school

We encourage our students to understand that they are part of the history of the Jewish people, that they are responsible and protagonists of it, and that the future of their communities will be written by young people like them.


The IB Diploma Program aims to develop students who have a breadth and depth of excellent knowledge so that they can thrive physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

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Our mission

Offer an ambitious general studies curriculum and projects that weave the values and traditions of Judaism into daily academic life.

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